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long beach personal trainer
"Helping Women Find Balance to Live a Life Without Restriction!"
  • Long Beach Personal Trainer

  • Online Personal Training

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long beach personal trainer

Long Beach Personal Trainer

I've been there. I've been trapped by food, felt horribly self conscious in any type of clothing, and hated looking in the mirror. I started my journey over 5 years ago. I was over weight, newly single and hadn't been out to bars / dates EVER! Stepping into the dating scene as an overweight, unconfident twenty four year old, how do I put this, SUCKED. I felt so out of place, like I didn't belong, like I was in someone else's body. 

I finally took the biggest step I ever had, and hired a coach. Someone to keep me accountable, someone to look objectively at my progress and adjust my diet and cardio based on the results I was getting. I can say that was honestly the best decision I ever made. It took me a few tries to find a coach that worked best for me, but I found it and in turn, I found my passion. 

I wanted to help other women find themselves through fitness. I wanted to show women it is possible to find balance, consistency and lose the weight without tons of cardio, or restricting yourself everyday. I am so happy to say, I am doing what I love and helping women improve their mind, and body everyday.

" Alicia Knutson is the perfect trainer who provides individualized and challenging workout routines as well as nutritional advice for sustainable and mindful eating. She supports me physically, mentally, and emotionally and because of her efforts I am strong, healthy, and happy. With Alicia Knutson I’ve lost over 30 pounds and many inches, but I’ve gained so much more self-worth, strength, and confidence than I ever had before! I’ve gone from an unhappy stress-eating girl into a physically and mentally fit person. Thank you, Alicia! "

- Sarah Raish 

“I started my journey with Alicia by not knowing what the F, I was doing. She’s the type of trainer that no matter how low down the fitness ladder you think you may be, she can give you hope and show you that your fitness goals are attainable. She will find what works best for your body nutrition wise and what work outs will get you to your goal. She’s also great at finding what words of encouragement are the ones you need to get you to understand the set. If you are willing to learn, grow and discover a new strength within yourself, Alicia is the trainer for you. Our sessions together are as valuable as therapy to me. 


Always grateful, a sober PTSD suicide survivor! " 

- Ale Taboada


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