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Are you struggling  with...

Copy of Claim your Confidence! Group Coa

- Confidence in yourself

- Embracing the body you have at this moment

- Motivation 

- Self Love

- Anxiety around food 

- Sticking to a meal plan

- How to eat the foods you love in moderation?

- Guilt around food

- Dieting , falling off track & starting over again & again

Learn to finally love


Imagine  if you able to....

- Rock a bikini NOW!

- Wear the shorts without fear!

- Eat chocolate without guilt

- Go out to dinner stress free

- NEVER be on a meal plan again

- Balance the foods you love with healthy choices

- Stop the cycle of dieting

- Live stress free

- Finally become your most confident self!


Why learn from Alicia? 

I've been there! Ive been the girl who's always been on a diet. The girl who seems to never be able to eat normally. The girl eating in private. The one who can never keep the weight off , no matter how hard she works. That's when I realized, It wasn't my diet, or lack of discipline, It was my MINDSET. 

I was so ashamed of my body, I let it control me!

I spent one whole year, focused completely on my mindset around food, my feelings towards eating and retraining my mind to see food as fuel and not as "good" or "bad". 

I focused on finding confidence in things other than my body! Things like my compassion for others. My loyalty as a friend and my sense of humor.

There is so much more to us than how our body looks!

Now I help women discover the same for themselves! 

I've helped women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds discover true confidence, self love & balance with food. 




Create Your Confidence  Group Program!

What results can I expect in the program.....

* New found love for your body

* Unbelievable confidence

* Balance in work, diet & life 

* Free from anxiety around food

* Becoming your most confident self!

* Ability to eat the foods you love without guilt

* A lifestyle you've always dreamed of

How Does The Program Work


Re working our mindset around food

Focus on Positive attributes on ourselves & our bodies!

Learning how to use macros

Week one workouts!


LIVE GROUP CALL : Learning "It gets to be enough "

Focus on letting go of our high expectations

Week two workouts


Letting go of the numbers! ( sizing, weight etc. )

Learning our worth

Week three workouts



Who do you want to be?

Who is your most confident self?

Week four workouts


Investing in your self.

Are you filling your own cup?

Week five workouts


LIVE CALL : Cocktails & Confidence!

Grab a drink & lets discuss what we love about ourselves!

Week six workouts

Client Wins!

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Image 3.jpg
Image 2.jpg
Image 4.jpg

What Do I Get In The Program?

* Weekly home or gym workouts

* Macro calculation & explanation to ensure we implement balance while reaching our goals

* Weekly checkins with me to ensure our macros are in line with our goals

* Daily journal prompts to invoke confidence, self love & mindfulness

* Daily "Claim your day" planner sheets to start your day off on a positive and organized note

* Access to the private FB group to connect with the other ladies in the group!

* Live group learning calls to ensure we continue to exercise new skills on how to be body positive


Will there be a payment plan option? - YES! I will be offering payment plan options!

Will I really increase my confidence in 6 weeks? - YESS! confidence comes from within. My goal is to make sure you feel the most confident you ever have, in your body no matter what size!

What if I don't have access to a gym? - No problem! I will be creating the workouts for home and gym users!

What if I don't need help with confidence? - Everyone can use some self love and confidence boosts right? This course is about confidence, and balance and anxiety surrounding our food and bodies. There is always something to learn!

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