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long beach personal trainer

I've been there. I've been trapped by food, felt horribly self conscious in any type of clothing, and hated looking in the mirror. I started my journey over 5 years ago. I was over weight, newly single and hadn't been out to bars / dates EVER! Stepping into the dating scene as an overweight, unconfident twenty four year old, how do I put this, SUCKED. I felt so out of place, like I didn't belong, like I was in someone else's body. 

So, I decided to get into the gym. I started to eat healthy. I felt great, lost about 30 lbs pretty easily and gained alot of confidence. Sounds simple right? It was, until I realized I was eating very little, had no balance and was doing tons of cardio. Any time I would slip up or take a day off, I felt horrible about myself. I had lost the weight, but hit a plateau and had no idea where to go. 

I looked for balance, tried eating intuitively, tried counting macros, lowering cardio, heavy weights. I tried it all. Nothing worked, I ended up putting back on the weight, and was even more self conscious. I felt like I failed.


I finally took the biggest step I ever had, and hired a coach. Someone to keep me accountable, someone to look objectively at my progress and adjust my diet and cardio based on the results I was getting. I can say that was honestly the best decision I ever made. It took me a few tries to find a coach that worked best for me, but I found it and in turn, I found my passion. 

I wanted to help other women find themselves through fitness. I wanted to show women it is possible to find balance, consistency and lose the weight without tons of cardio, or restricting yourself everyday. I am so happy to say, I am doing what I love and helping women improve their mind, and body everyday. 

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